By Infraspec | September 11, 2023 | 0 Comments

New Joiner – Anna María Seall

Anna María has joined us after a successful career within the film industry, specialising as a hair and make-up artist on some of the biggest productions. Anna now wants to turn her skills towards the recruitment sector. Anna impressed us with her passion, drive, and willingness to succeed in her day-to-day life. Having worked under pressure, to tight deadlines and accommodating different personalities across a wide spectrum, these, we feel, are the key personality traits that can ensure success and provide the foundations to build long lasting relationships in the recruitment field.
Anna started her career as a teaching assistant and has excelled in many sports to a high level, particularly enjoying tennis and swimming.
With a creative background in music, dance and drama we really feel Anna will be a great asset to our business and has the core competencies to flourish and build a successful career with us. 
Good luck Anna!