Interview Preparation

Well, a big congratulations on securing the interview! Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered – here’s a good overview of our hints and tips to get it over the line and land your dream job.

Please note that all candidates on interview through Infraspec will receive a one or two stage preparation call with your consultant who will go into more detail about your preparation and ensure you have the best chance of success.

Hints and tips.

Before you do anything else, do your research.

There’s nothing worse than sitting in an interview and not being able to answer questions the hirer might have!

The job description

Be aware of the job description or services required.

This can help you understand what areas you have covered before and new any new skills or knowledge that will be required. 

Your CV - Experience

This is all about you, so when asked to provide an overview of your experience– this is your chance to stand out and shine!

Using the STAR Technique

Here’s some competency-based example questions

Try putting together your interview examples within the STAR format to provide a structured answer. This also keeps it focused and to the point, whilst explaining the outcome within the situation. Once you have put together a few examples using the STAR method, try rehearsing these out loud with a friend or family member to help you memorise as much as possible.

Great! so you’ve done all your preparation and know you’re ready for the interview. Here’s some tips to nail it and get your dream job:

Always come prepared with questions!

You want to show your interest in the company you’re interviewing with, have a think about what key aspects of role you want to further understand. We would recommend coming prepared with 2-4 questions.

Here’s some examples:

Online Interview

In-person Interview

From everyone here at Infraspec, good luck and enjoy the process!

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Project Controls

The world of Project Controls has been growing in importance over decades, more so now than ever.

Project Management

Heading the project pyramid, project and programme management is a vital resource for effective delivery.

Cost Management

Cost management is the activity of estimating, allocating, and controlling costs, typically after the base plan is developed.

Planning & Scheduling

Project planning & scheduling is at the heart of any project and is the logical listing of activities, deliverables and milestones within a project.

Risk Management

Risk management, in the project world, is the process of understanding and minimising any potential problems that may negatively impact a project’s timetable.