As demand for energy increases and populations grow so does the requirement for new utilities infrastructure and existing utility maintenance. It is estimated that £13bn per year is invested in the UK utilities sectors and this is set to increase.

Water companies battle to maintain aging infrastructure and produce new networks along with global climate change conditions where water shortages are now more common presenting further challenges. We see increased demand in the 5G technology space to assist the digitalisation of our economy and a shift towards renewable energy sources and away from a reliance on gas. These factors all lead to a greater demand for professional workers from the construction and engineering sectors with technical skills in project delivery.

Infraspec has many years of expertise in placing project professionals in the utilities sectors. We have access to project management, project planning, project controls and commercial management talent across water, electrical power and telecoms markets.

At Infraspec we are committed to listening to our candidates’ requirements. This, coupled with our knowledge of the market, means that we can advise each individual on the best companies and projects to approach, making sure that our candidates make the right choices.

We take a very proactive approach in understanding our clients’ needs. This, coupled with regular communication with our talent communities, means that we are able to bring forward the right candidates for the right roles.

We also understand that each vacancy is individual, and therefore the solution we provide is bespoke. Infraspec has a flexible service offering and fee structure that offers the best value in a competitive market, based on the solution required to fulfil a role at any given point.

Our philosophy is simple:

Our deep knowledge of the industry sectors and disciplines we recruit for means that we understand the critical success factors required to match the right candidates to the right roles. We offer a bespoke service and always build long-term, fruitful and enjoyable partnerships with our candidates and clients.

Next steps…

For any queries, please call us on tel: +44 (0)207 101 4449, email us at info@infraspec.co.uk, or send us a CV.

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Our Discipline Areas

Project Controls

The world of Project Controls has been growing in importance over decades, more so now than ever.

Project Management

Heading the project pyramid, project and programme management is a vital resource for effective delivery.

Cost Management

Cost management is the activity of estimating, allocating, and controlling costs, typically after the base plan is developed.

Planning & Scheduling

Project planning & scheduling is at the heart of any project and is the logical listing of activities, deliverables and milestones within a project.

Risk Management

Risk management, in the project world, is the process of understanding and minimising any potential problems that may negatively impact a project’s timetable.