Project Management & Programme Management

Heading the project pyramid, project and programme management are a vital resource.

Project and Programme Management is the pivotal role in project delivery. Project management uses processes, methodology, skills and experience to deliver a projects objective. Programme management being the management of multiple related projects. These are critical to a business’s success in delivering its desired project objectives on time, within budget and to the necessary quality/ standards required, all of which must be performed in a safe environment.

The importance of Project & Programme Management

The key constraints of project & programme management are the projects scope, time and budget. Projects and programmes have finite end dates and management of the key constraints throughout the project lifecycle is key to ensuring key milestones and cost budgets are achieved. Project Management teams are made up of very diverse skills depending on the objective and outcome required of any given project. Within Infrastructure and Construction environments they are typically made up of a management team supported by professionals that specialise is schedule, cost, risk, change, quality and health and safety management.

What are the Benefits of Project & Programme Management?

Enhances project collaboration

Excellent structure, process and methodology enhances effective collaboration which increases the opportunity of the success of a project.


With good project management you can maximise work completed in the least time possible.

Save on resources & cost

Effective project management of time and cost can prevent project overruns and lead to saving money.

Client & customer satisfaction

Good project management from understanding a client’s expectations through delivering on time and budget lead to overall customer satisfaction.

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